First Stop Supplies have been providing catering disposables, cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies since 1991. We serve private and public care and nursing homes, pubs, clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and schools.

First Stop focuses on providing excellence in customer service across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex and Surrey.

We can help both new and existing customers with audits of existing procedures and plans, guidance on product selection, assistance in preparing cleaning procedures and plans, personalised training for your staff and decanting, dosing and dispensing support.

We are proud to be ISO 9001 accredited and are CBC and ESPO approved.

  • Finding an alternative to plastic

    The use of plastic has been in the news a lot recently. Some large brands are turning away from standard plastic products such as straws and looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

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  • Become an Ocean Hero and save our Ocean Giants

    Plastic pollution in our oceans has been in the news a lot of the last few months. The campaign for awareness of how single- use plastics are harming our marine life has become more public with companies removing micro-beads from products and more and more places providing water refilling stations and allowing customers to bring their own containers to fill rather than buy pre-packaged goods.

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  • Grab and Go Food

    Food on the go is the current trend, from easy to grab breakfast such as cereal bars or granola pots through to flavoursome street food dinners.

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  • Tidy House, Tidy Mind?

    New research shows that the average adult suffers from around 5 ½ years of stress over a lifetime.

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  • Help keep infections at bay this winter

    With an increase in viral illnesses over the winter months it is vital to follow good hand hygiene.

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  • Office Kitchen Politics

    The office kitchen, a place for coffee and a quick chat, is also a haven for bacteria and germs. Water left on the side, food that has been thrown away and spilt drinks all contribute to the build-up of bacteria and germs.

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  • Free Consultancy Service & Product Training

    First Stop offers a free consultancy service to both new and existing customers to help identify key risk areas, assist in preparing cleaning procedures and plans and guidance on the best product selection.

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  • How to deal with Malodours

    Malodours can give the impression that an area isn’t hygienic, even if everything is spotlessly clean.  Odour Neutraliser kills the bacteria that can cause these odours. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including carpet, fabric and hard surfaces.

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  • Hand Hygiene in the Food Industry

    Hand hygiene is essential in food preparation areas. Knowing which products to use and making sure personnel wash their hands correctly is of the upmost importance to reduce the risk of cross contamination.


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  • FREE COSHH Online Training Course from Evans

    Evans Vanodine offers FREE online training and product assessment via their multilingual learning assessment and training facility Evans E-Learn.

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  • What you should know about latex allergy

    How can latex cause allergies? Latex is the natural sap of the rubber tree and is considered to be the best glove material for general health care use. Reaction risks vary greatly, but can occur through wearing gloves, coming into contact with gloves or being in an environment where powdered gloves are in use. Both latex proteins and processing chemical residues can cause irritations and allergies at the point of contact. Glove powder can carry the proteins in to the air where it can be inhaled.

    What type of reactions can be caused by latex? An allergy is an acquired sensitised response to a specified agent. General allergic reactions are and can be caused by many natural things including penicillin, nuts, insect stings etc. Latex is a natural product so it is not surprising that it can cause allergic responses. Reactions have increased due to more extensive glove use since AIDS awareness in the 1980’s.

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