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Don't let bugs ruin your winter


Winter is here again and unfortunately this is also the season that heralds the arrival of Norovirus, or the winter vomiting bug as it is commonly known.

Norovirus spreads quickly and easily through contact with contaminated surfaces, when the bug becomes airborne and is breathed in or by eating contaminated food.

For businesses where people are kept indoors for long periods of time such as care homes, nurseries, schools or hotels, preventing the spread of this bug is essential.

Using a disinfectant cleaner that can kill these viruses along with other bacteria will help keep the spread of winter bugs to a minimum.

First Stop Supplies recommends using Safe Zone Plus from Evans Vanodine. This virucidal liquid disinfectant is extremely effective and provides a high level of disinfectant to help prevent microbial transmission. It kills non-enveloped & enveloped viruses including poliovirus, adenovirus & norovirus.

For more information on Safe Zone Plus, click here.

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