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Bamboo vs. Sugarcane. Why sugarcane is the more conscientious choice.

Bamboo vs. Sugarcane. Why sugarcane is the more conscientious choice.

Bamboo has long been at the top of the ladder for eco-friendly materials. This is due to its growing at such a speed, its many uses and the fact it does not need harmful pesticides to thrive. Thus, making it a brilliant alternative to plastic and other eco-unfriendly materials.

However, sugarcane is now giving bamboo a run for its money. Sugarcane's main positives, when compared to bamboo, is that it is less harmful to produce alongside it actually preventing physical waste and sucking up carbon emissions to.

Check out our reasons below for why sugarcane beats bamboo:

1. Cuts down on land clearing

Additional Bamboo farms are being planted to cope with the requirement. In order to plant these farms huge areas of land are being cleared and replaced entirely with bamboo. This means that all other plant varieties are being removed. In contrast the material used in Sweet Cheeks products are a byproduct of sugar. It is the plant fibre left behind after the sucrose has been squeezed out. No additional crops are needed- helping save land and making Sweet Cheeks loo roll more eco-friendly. 

2. Saving materials

As sugarcane products are made up of leftover fibres, they would usually end up in landfill. By giving them a second life as eco-friendly products we can avoid said waste.

3. Sucks up carbon emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions play a huge role in climate change. Removing them from the atmosphere is of the upmost importance. Plants (including sugarcane) can help to do this- as they absorb the emissions as part of photosynthesis. Sugarcane is a C4 plant so it is better at soaking up Co2 than bamboo a C3 plant. Making sugarcane more effective at reversing the impacts of climate change.

Sweet Cheeks loo rolls are ecofriendly, super soft and strong, come in plastic free packaging and are cost effective. 

Click here for information on our sugarcane loo roll options. Please contact the office for samples on 01202 827666 or email

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